Housemade crafts one-of-a-kind home goods from forgotten pieces of Americana. We search basements, attics, and in between for elements to reclaim, and we transform them one at a time by hand. Our products are a fresh perspective on classic design. An elegant spin on a rugged attitude. Inspired by yesterday. Built for tomorrow.


This whole thing started in the back seat of a Ford LTD Country Squire. That’s where we grew familiar with hand-painted signs and road maps with hand-drawn illustrations. Armed with a blanket and a metal picnic basket, we bounced around as that land yacht roared through the countryside on our way to parks, lakes, and other spots. 

Those were days to relax and spend time with family. After we grew up and began to create our own homes, we found ourselves seeking a style that matched that aesthetic. But those hand-painted signs had turned to mass-produced replicas, and soft plastic coolers replaced metal picnic baskets. 

We struggled to find goods we liked, so we started to make our own. Little by little, we began to fill our homes. We liked the way it looked. Turns out others did too.

Commitment to craft

Each of our pieces is considered and unique, and we don’t chase trends. We source all of our own materials and apply every coat of varnish, stroke of paint, stitch, bolt, and screw. We believe this process is the best way to create products that add lasting value today and for years to come.


About hilary

Hilary Martin is the principal of Housemade. She’s pretty handy with a needle and thread, but then again, you learn quickly when your grandmother is a professional German seamstress.

Hilary began experimenting with design at young age, creating many of her own clothes before enrolling at the University of Richmond. There her designs turned heads and offered a nice antithesis to the school’s mascot, the spider. After college Hilary used her talents as a household DIYer to fuel a passion for home design. Between hauling around gym bags, school supplies, and occasionally her children, she made time to learn upholstering, woodworking, lighting, and an eye for picking vintage pieces. In 2010 she founded Housemade. Since then her one-of-a-kind products have found their way into homes of couples, families, businesses, churches and schools, from coast to coast. 

Hilary lives with her husband in Richmond, Virginia in the same house where they raised their children. She’s inspired by American ingenuity, her family, and her Christian faith.